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I will have you know it is no news that mental health has been making rounds across the globe. Here is the thing… in this part of the world, for some reason, whether diabolical or cultural, not much attention has been accorded to this topic of such great magnitude. I mean it is like that fox in the room that everyone turns a blind eye to because it seems to not pose any serious threats, but in actual reality, the consequences of ignoring it will send us down a path of DOOM.

Mental health, according to medical experts in line with the World Health Organization (WHO), is defined to be the state of an individual who is functioning at a satisfactory level of behaviour or emotional adjustment. In fact, research shows that studies, conducted in recent years, established that cases of students diagnosed with mental health issues are on the rise. What is most astonishing is that there are different angles to mental health issues affecting students specifically. Now as a people, what we are currently reminded of in relation to wellbeing is Exercise, but the aspect of mental health in itself is hardly ever mentioned.

It is of utmost importance that we, as a people, start to propagate the message of mental health in all spheres, particularly in our educational sector, because that is where we groom the next generation. The mental health of an individual includes subjective wellbeing, autonomy, competence, perceived self-efficacy, emotional potential, and self-actualization.

NGRCAMPUS is on a mission to uncover the most common mental health issues amongst undergraduates:

  • Impulsivity; in this part of the continent, students are faced with innumerable challenges, from back to back lectures, to inconsiderate lectures, to chaos stemming from group fights, and inflation. As such, we tend to just react to situations without putting much thought into them. The ripple effect of this is the individual lacks a sense of calm, which also affects the social nature of that person.
  • Anxiety; is born out of pressure coming from the system, a student does not really have the opportunity to take time out from studies or engage with lecturers to harness other talents. This leaves a student in a state of constant worries. The common symptoms of anxiety include feeling on edge frequently, increased irritability, insomnia, and difficulty in concentration.
  • Depression: This cuts across many psychological disorders, and it is attributed to sadness, loss of interest due to traumatic experiences, and fatigue. Bear in mind that depression is not born out of these symptoms squarely as they are normal emotions experienced by every person. However, a frequency in the experience of these emotions, where it becomes uncontrollable and requires medical attention is depression.
  • Eating disorders: eating disorders happen to be one of the most common mental health issues suffered by people, and it occurs as a result of loss of a loved one, rejection, depletion of economic resource, and a halt in developmental processes. A student if not well nurtured will become lacklustre and seek comfort in food without applying control.

To counter these depressing facts, you must know that indeed, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Pay attention to your mental health, you are your best cheer, listen to your body and know when you need to rest, value yourself, surround yourself with people that will look out for you when things go south, set realistic goals and take it one step at a time, make conscious effort to recondition your thought process to think positively, you are doing your best, you will continue to strive to improve, but know that you have done well thus far and you are doing just fine.

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