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Getting into the job market depends on the combination of professional experiences, skills, exposure and the extra certifications you have to offer alongside your degree.

It can be said, however, that it is not enough to bag a bachelor’s degree from a higher institution; developing other skills while studying goes a long way. It does not have to be related to your course of study. For example, we have heard of students who studied science-related courses and have ended up working in media houses or other related jobs. This implies that it is no more about your course of study but about the possible skills you have to offer any company

Firstly, to enhance one’s employability skill, there is a need to be very current. There is a need to be updated on the things happening around and the changes in the trend of employers.  You need to be knowledgeable about the skills that avail employability. Employers today do not give employment based on your educational qualifications. Nevertheless, having these qualifications with appropriate life skills, you are sure to secure the desired job.

In continuation, you should be versatile. As a person in search of employment, it is expected of you to be very vast in your knowledge. Citing an example, a friend once told me about a job interview he went for. He was expecting the regular formal interview questions instead the interviewer engaged him in discussions about sports, fashion and relationship. That was it. He secured the job because he was able to keep up with the conversation. Now, you never know who your interviewer might be hence, the need to be competent in so many areas.

Furthermore, you have social media to your advantage and at this age and time, you need to be a social media butterfly; be socially active. Prospective employers hardly send out prints seeking who to employ, all they do is put the vacant positions on job sites on social media platforms Therefore, having a presence on social media will allow you the opportunity to find the appropriate job. All you need do is to subscribe to such sites to get job updates.

In all you do, preparation is very important. This also applies to your employment. You need to prepare your CV for each job specification. To be picked by certain employers, your CV needs to be properly modified. In case you already have a CV, adjust it to suit the positions being applied for. Also, in it, emphasize your core and soft skills: teamwork, time management. When called for an interview, solid preparation is required. You need to put in mind the fact that you only have one chance to prove that you are employable. So understanding the employer’s target and want is essential. Update yourself on the necessary information. Read up on the company if necessary. Do researches on possible questions, prospective employers can ask and prepare your responses. You could do it consistently to prevent mistakes and foster courage.

In conclusion, put yourself in an employer’s shoes. By doing this, you would know their requirements and work towards them. Identify your strength, improve on them and brush up on your weaknesses.

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