Importance Of Education And Role Of Family In Education

Education is necessary for every human being since they are born in order to increase their own individual and social life quality. Even though people can be self-taught, they definitely need someone else to educate them too. The most important education comes with the family because family is the fundamental of type of education. Therefore, it is significantly important to talk about the role of the family in education together with the importance of education. We prepared a detailed article that should be read by everyone who cares about education. Let’s start with the definitions.


Education is general and personalized learning and teaching process which teach people the best way to live. Education aims to change and develop the behavior of the individual in a deliberate and appropriate manner with determined principles.


As it can be understood from the topic about “What is education?” we just described, it is the fact that education makes human life easier and more livable. Because of education, people are working in plazas instead of caves, they are all across the world instead of a small piece of land, and they even can go to space.

It is a responsibility, even an obligation, to correspond to the educational processes which will never end as individually or globally.

A human life can witness very different living standards because nowadays it is easier to access and process the information. Technologies that we cannot even imagine twenty years ago now became very important parts of our lives. It is clear that especially children need to get an effective and accurate education process in order to get into this rapid change faster.

All parents want their children to be a beneficial individual to themselves and their environment. So, let’s talk about the importance of parents in education and raising educated children.


Intelligence is not the only factor that affects success in education! The important thing is the ability to use intelligence on the right things in an effective way. At this point, the personality characteristics and habits of an individual matters a lot. This topic is quite important as well as it is a very sensitive issue.

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Research shows that 65% of children’s personality development occurs between 0-6 years of age. This research re-emphasizes the prevalence of family in the child’s personality development!

So, what kind of positive or negative effects do families have on the child?

In the pre-school period, the training and interest of family is important for children. In the 0-6-year-old preschool period, the fact that the family is in a positive attitude and raises their children conscious is becoming a sustainable success in the school period. On the contrary, it is known that problematic children are not successful in school life. Children with personality and behavioral disorders can experience adaptation problems when they start school. Importance of education is based on the requirement for increasing the quality of human’s life and endless development for a more livable world. The importance of family is based on the fact that it is actually the basis of a good education. In order to raise a successful, intelligent, and creative child, their parents must be educated and conscious. Because the children we are raising will be the parents of tomorrow, we would never forget the importance of education regardless of our age


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