Rate your Lecturer – Engr. Dick Ibitoru Festus of Rivers State University

Status: Lecturer I
University: Rivers State University
Faculty: Engineering
Dept: Marine
Course: Naval Architecture/Navigation and meteorology

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Engr. Dick Ibitoru Festus is a native from Tombia town in Rivers State. He studied Marine Engineering in Rivers State University were he got a Bachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering in the year 2009. He’s married with two children. Love’s bringing out the best in every student he comes accross and teaches then how to be independent in all cadres of life. He is really fun to be with and loves to inspire everyone around him. The most important qualities I admire in him is sincerity, impartial, readiness and willingness to impact knowledge.

  • Communicative - 9/10
  • Knowledgable - 9/10
  • Inspiring - 9/10
  • Integrity - 9/10
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