Why do students break rules?

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Breaking of rules in the higher institutions sometimes is inevitable whatever the reason, I can’t say. In every organization, rules are set to guide the people in it as well as ensure the maintenance of law and order, sanity inclusive.  However, students break rules constantly, most of them tend to get away with it. It is funny how the major rules the authorities are keen on are the exact rules broken by them. Here, the campus hostel will be the focal point.

Let me start by stating some of the rules I know of. In each hostel on campus, the use of electric cookers is prohibited. This rule is applicable in the universities I know of but I cannot confidently say the same about other institutions. While some schools allow the use of gas for cooking, some only permit the use of kerosene stoves and the others do not even allow the students to cook at all. Despite the ban on the use of electric cookers, some hostel occupants still make use of them. Although most were not caught, their minds were never at rest because there was always a need to be on the lookout in order to prevent being caught unawares which would result in the total confiscation of the cooker. The possible reason for this breach is that it is used when students are extremely broke and cannot afford a refill of their gas cylinders; hence, they make use of the electric cookers given that there is a stable power supply.

Another rule that is incessantly broken, is the buying of bed space and this is highly forbidden by the school authorities.  Actually, this particular situation leaves the question of ‘why won’t students buy the bed spaces that are available to them?’ lingering on my mind because a lot of students do not get accommodation and cannot afford to get a space on campus or in private hostels within the campus vicinity. Do we then blame such students for buying bed spaces after all it’s all they can afford? Now there is another category of these people. Those lucky enough to get a space in the hostel on campus yet have comfortable and conducive accommodation on campus. Considering the ill state of the campus hostels, they would rather sell out the spaces given them on campus at a relatively lesser price to the desperate students in need of it. In this situation – asides from the inadequacy of the hostels for student – the maintenance system of many higher institutions is nothing to write home about.

One of our correspondence, when asked about the rule she broke as a student in the university said, ‘I don’t know… I don’t have… probably permitting someone to squat with me’. Weighing the pros and cons of this situation, overcrowding is the aftermath but what can be done, would you rather your friends or siblings without a bed space or an accommodation stay out on the streets all in the name of trying to study? Well, I would leave that question to you to answer.

Moving forward, in as much as we want to help our fellow students, we need to consider the fact that there is a reason why we are in the higher institution and preparedness is very essential. Part of the readiness expected is to ensure that accommodation is totally resolved before you even start any journey on campus; therefore, defeating any reason to break the rules guiding the hostels in campus and, peradventure the hostel’s conditions does not suit you, an alternative provision will be put in place so the rules of such hostels need not be broken.

Conclusively, in all honesty, I really do not know why students break rules maybe they just feel rules are made for them to be broken.  Well whatever reason you have, you can share in the comment box.

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