Rate your Lecturer – Victor Ukaegbu of University of Port Harcourt

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Status: Professor
University: University of Port Harcourt
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Dept: Geology
Course: Petrology (igneous and metamorphic)

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Professor Ukaegbu was at the time, the Dean of physical sciences at the University. He is a very humble man that loved teaching. His course was one of the easiest to understand because he gave practical examples. He paid attention to the needs of his students and carried every one of us along. He took us personally on field trips and made sure that each and every one of us had hands on experience on the field and we were able to visualize some of the things we had been hearing of in class. I learnt a great deal of patience and humility from him. His field trips were the most interesting out of all the 4 I went for. He was approachable at all times and insisted in us coming to him for questions and anything we didn’t quite understand. He was also at ease in handing us materials that would help us study further. He wasn’t my project supervisor but the students that he supervised testified of his immense assistance and great help in achieving a good project during our final year. His classes were never boring, he is a jovial and easy going man who made learning more interesting and simpler. He inspired us in many ways and even made me see reasons why I would want to lecture. Overall, I have great respect for him as a leader, teacher and mentor.

  • Communicative - 9/10
  • Knowledgable - 9/10
  • Inspiring - 9/10
  • Integrity - 9/10
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