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One of my favourite quotes about self-love is that ‘’it is never a selfish act, but it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I put in the earth to offer to others’’.

See your journey as one in a book, when it is moist, it gets mildew, and when dry, it’s brittle.

The most valuable things in life sometimes feel helpless and require help to be taken care of. Know this, there is no shame in needing help so be courageous and seek help in moderation whenever necessary as it is part of self-love.

Recondition your thought process to think positively, so even when you fall, you can stand tall.

When wrong is done to you, stay strong by loving yourself enough to take a breather and re-group.

Who you are and what you offer is valid and will remain so for as long as you stay positive and patient with yourself.

Speak words of kindness and greatness to yourself frequently, for the radiance in sublime success never ceases for those who perceive it.

You have a story to pass on to others, so harness the power of your story as your future is connected to the past of shared stories.

Seek a social group whose foundation is built upon love, tenderness, and support of a common story.

Above all, trust yourself, be dogged, and take risks, for the journey to looking and feeling good starts with you.

About Amina Usman

Amina UsmanAmina is a University of Lagos graduate of Microbiology and works as a Phlebotomist. She has a passion for creating impact through education, literacy, writing, and volunteering. She is currently a CIAPS Postgraduate Professional Student of Media and Journalism. She is looking to build a career in Media and Journalism. At CIAPS, she has written articles on Media and Communications in Nigeria. Linkedin

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