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History has a way of repeating itself and fashion is not left out. We have come to see that the cycle of fashion goes round and almost always comes back. From the dramatic 80s looks with puffed-up sleeves, crazy coloured hair and lots of makeup, the Y2K fashion trends that cover the late 90s and early to mid-2000s in minis, baggy clothes, crop tops and so on.

These days on campus you find a lot of students experimenting with fashion and clothes. With social media and the internet, visions and ideas for various looks can be put together in no time. There’s room for almost everything and the trends always find their way back. If you read about fashion long enough, you’ll stumble upon the idea of the trend cycle; a metaphorical washing machine that spins out similar style concepts every few years. Fashion allows for expression through clothes and designs and we’re going to highlight the outstanding trends that have made their way back from the 80s and 90s.

Clogs and mules are back, though styled with blazers and midi skirts, they have taken on a more dressed-up vibe. All denim everything is returning with a vengeance, as is the art of layering on sweater vests for a bit of a mixed media look. Baggy jeans, high waisted jeans and ripped jeans have also made a comeback as this is easy to wear and it casual and fun.

Crop tops are also another clothing/fashion trend that I’m afraid has come to stay and not leave for a while. If one wants to show off a little skin this one with whatever pants or skirt work very well. Bucket hats also are showing out in outfits and fashion choices on campus and in general. ‘This says I’m cool how about you?’ and we honestly love to see it.

The 80s blessed us with high shoulder pads, oversized blazers and all the colours you can possibly name and each has a say in today’s fashion and trends. The 1980s were quite a time for denim also as well as now especially patchwork denim. There’s room to add designs/patches yourself or buy it that way. Off-the-shoulder looks were everywhere in the ’80s and are no longer just for fancy events as dresses and tops are trendy for day or night, and many off-the-shoulder looks incorporate another ’80s staple—ruffles. These looks are being worn all over again right now with different twists.
We see fashion has no limits or ends to use and express, as anything and everything can be trendy again so long as it is beautiful. We have the opportunity to use and portray vintage fashion with a modern twist, grateful for the cycle that allows us to see and enjoy every moment.

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Sholaye EsievoSholaye is a University of Benin graduate of International Studies and Diplomacy. She enjoys the communication space and has a passion for the media. She is currently a CIAPS Postgraduate Professional Student of Media and Journalism. Her articles at CIAPS have gotten great reviews. She will be heading the NGR Campus fashion and lifestyle desk.

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