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Unemployment, like a cankerworm, has eaten so deep into the Nigerian society; hence, causing a lot of concern for the youths and undergraduates in it. According to Bloomberg, the unemployment rate in Nigeria is 33.3%; making it the second-highest on the global list of countries. NGRCampus, therefore, looks forward to bring to the fore the possible causes of this problem as well as proffer solutions for this prevalent issue. Sharing the light on this matter is a prolific writer, a senior news correspondent with daily independence: Mrs Victoria Ojugbana.

According to Mrs Victoria, ‘Unemployment in Nigeria is assuming an alarming rate in the country which is very condemnable. It is not a pleasant situation at all. She gives an insight about the possible causes of this detestable condition has said: “government factor is one of it. Though the government cannot do all, they have not been able to provide jobs for the youths and for those that are employed, they are underpaid. In the same vein, the private sectors too, you know, have not been able to do so as well. Another factor is the societal factor in the sense that, those that have gone into private enterprises to help themselves have a lot of factors frustrating them. For example, for a person who goes into the pure water business, light is not stable and in cases where power is stable, the roads are not accessible for them to transport their products.  Also, they are harassed by some people like the touts, who collect tolls from them. An additional problem is still the government frustrating these private enterprises; yes, they make them pay tax, they make them pay for water rate in fact, make them pay for everything; therefore, frustrating them out of business.  In addition, we cannot blame these graduates because they have at least made an effort. Poor patronage too can make them frustrated”.

In addressing the issue of unemployment and ensuring that graduates are engaged, she stated that there is a need for those in power to create more jobs, avenues and opportunities for jobless graduates. A good example is the N-power created to empower job seekers. The government could also grant them interest-free loans to start their businesses. Furthermore, retirement should be put in place for those who have been in active service and are due for it to give room for the younger generation to come into the office. This should be done strictly by going through the biodata of those suitable for retirement; peradventure, they have not reduced their ages. The government can however salvage this situation by doing a background check on all their staff.

Going forward, educational institutions should introduce practical skills into the curriculum in order to impact their students. With this, graduates will not have to wait for the government before anything can be done. At least while seeking a job they will have something doing in order to boost their experience and avoid being redundant.

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