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I have often thought and believed that for every positive action put forward, there is a positive reaction reciprocated almost immediately.

For every act of kindness or spoken word expressed in some way, you would expect that the same courtesy is bestowed on the sender.

Well, you would expect the norm to be ‘’you get what you give’’ but that is not always the case.

The harsh realities of our terrain have indeed taken a toll on everyone, people hardly pay attention to little acts of kindness, no one is willing to be patient or lend a helping hand to those who are vulnerable or who genuinely deserve to be looked after.

Everyone seems to be on Attack Mode, On the Edge.

It is note worthy to state that some people have taken advantage of others kindness and have become very heedless and entitled, hence, people who willingly want to help are taken aback by such egregious acts displayed by some.

We tend to forget that the resultant action from a constant display of negative exploits goes deep into the system and causes it to be lacking in care and consideration, it becomes a system that has lost touch with humanity.

You know what, start small… check on your course mate today and find out why they missed class, look around for that roommate whose countenance seems off, reach out to the school’s cafeteria vendor and ask if all is going well, don’t forget about the janitors, yes! they matter a whole lot too, speak kind words to them and thank them for the work they do In keeping the premise spotless for it sure is nice to feel appreciated every once a while, as this rids the air of plague and adds to the aesthetic of that environ.

I know it is hard given the situation, but if truly we seek to experience a system that works, then we must hold on to that flicker of hope and be the change we want to see, it just has to reflect in our daily dealings and our every action.

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Amina UsmanAmina is a University of Lagos graduate of Microbiology and works as a Phlebotomist. She has a passion for creating impact through education, literacy, writing, and volunteering. She is currently a CIAPS Postgraduate Professional Student of Media and Journalism. She is looking to build a career in Media and Journalism. At CIAPS, she has written articles on Media and Communications in Nigeria. Linkedin

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