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One of the most intriguing things about the campus lifestyle or area is its aura and the effect it has on people. You could walk into any campus feeling whatever way and not necessarily leave the same. The vibrant environment has a way of moving you and making you excited. The characters you run into, good or bad. The style/fashion, the personas and routines. These things amongst others make up the campus lifestyle and environment. Something about it makes you either live your life to the fullest or be drab and we surely don’t want to end up being the latter. This piece speaks to the vibrant aura of the university environment and its impact on an individual’s everyday life.

Stepping into and living life on campus exposes you to a whole lot of things and pushes you out of your comfort zone one way or another. As a student you see you were not the same student you were in your first year, there’s an added layer or edge and a certain lift to your walk. You’ve gone from regular tees and jeans to dresses, colourful prints, hats and so on. You understand your routines and how to align them. You know how long your social battery lasts and how much your mind can take at a time, you find your bearing,

You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with anything, well, it tells on your lifestyle whether it is improved or just remained the same. The idea of the influence of an environment is a fascinating one, leaves you wondering why your mood changes once you get to the sports centre or a canteen bubbling with all kinds of people or why you have to get those pair of sandals/sneakers you saw on a young lady on the corridors of the faculty at once. All because of the influencer of all time and the people in it.

Even in all this we acknowledge the bad sides too but choose to focus on its positive influences and how much it changes how we see things through the mix and run-ins with different characters and opinions. Stay true to yourself still, take on new changes and live life to the fullest.

About Sholaye Esievo

Sholaye EsievoSholaye is a University of Benin graduate of International Studies and Diplomacy. She enjoys the communication space and has a passion for the media. She is currently a CIAPS Postgraduate Professional Student of Media and Journalism. Her articles at CIAPS have gotten great reviews. She will be heading the NGR Campus fashion and lifestyle desk.

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