6 Foods Every Nigerian University Student Can Relate With

GARRI: This one has been saving the lives of Nigerians since university education began. Some of them come to school every semester with at least half bag of garri to see them through the semester. Guys are more into the garri thing than girls. NOODLES: Anyone who invented noodles totally had Nigerian students in mind. […]

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Campus Health Basics for University Freshers

Your university days may be some of the most transformative and memorable moments in your young adult life. Those days may ultimately lay the framework for your future and many important life choices and habits you will continue to follow, especially when pertaining to your health. Nonetheless, it’s crucial for students to take full control […]

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Lecturer in class

9 types of lecturers you’ll find in Nigerian universities

If you’ve been to any university in Nigeria, chances are you would have come across these nine types of lecturers. As an undergraduate in a Nigerian university, you would have come across different lecturers charged with the responsibilities of shaping the lives of their students. In carrying out their responsibilities, these lecturers have different approaches […]

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