Tips on how to make money legally as a student

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Campus life can get tough as the days go by and having to ask your guardian for allowances can be exhausting. Making money as an undergraduate is uneasy but births forth very pleasant results. Nevertheless, the point is for you to be financially secure as an undergraduate. Here, are some tips on how to acquire funds legally and without limit.

Monetize your hobbies

Explore your hobbies; make your money. It is more interesting than tiring when you make gains out of what you are passionate about. For someone with a flair for music, try setting up a band at a place where a lot of people can pay while you make beautiful music. Who knows? Your band might become the next big thing.

Flaunt your style: Rent your body

Hold on! I know what you might be thinking but bring it back. I am talking about modelling. Modelling has always been a big way to put you out there. It could be for a clothing outlet, a face modelling company or any advertising agency.

Take up part-time jobs

This can be a little inconvenient balancing it with your education. After a rough day at school, allocating the evening to a part-time job can be tiring but it works if you can do it. You could apply for a job that has flexible shifts.

Make your craft pay you

Some students may be lucky to have learnt a craft during the time they were at home or during their years on campus. Having acquired such, using it to raise funds is not a bad idea at all. After all, it is the work of your hands. You could even organize paid classes to teach other students that which you have learned.

Harness your knowledge

Sharing what you know is a good thing; because one tends to learn more when teaching is done consistently.  It also enables you become a Master in that field. Now, you could be a tutor or even own a tutorial space, with time, expansion takes place allowing for employability. Tutors are needed by freshmen to guide them on their introductory courses as well as on their assignments and with further studies. Help can also be rendered on their ‘tough’ courses.

Start a blog or vlog

For this, all that is needed is the right content. Good content tends to attract an audience. As a student, the blog or vlog should be about topical issues on campus life and experiences and should be as explicit and captivating as possible.


Freelance, in itself, is an experience that should be added to your CV. It is important to know that not all freelance jobs come with pay. It is very broad, so the internet is a great tool for consultation to find firms that permit it and pay stipends. You might just need to post things for them and then clients find them. With time, a certain percentage will be allocated to you.

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