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Do you have a story of your school experience that you would like to share? Do you have a report on a school activity or incident you believe should be made public? Then send us your story or report and have it published on

You can send a story for any of the following categories:

  1. NGRCampus reviews – Give a review of a book you read or a movie you saw any other such experience you want to share.
  2. Health $ Safety – Share tips on how to stay healthy or report on a safety hazard in your school.
  3. My Campus Days – Share a story of a heart felt moment, experience or peril.
  4. Photo speak – Send a link to a cloud storage of photos or youtube link of videos you want to share.
  5. Sports – Report on a sports tournament or showdown holding at your school
  6. Events – Report or announce an event or ceremony taking place at your school
  7. News and Views – Send us your eye witness report of and incidence or you views on topic.

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