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There are a lot of restaurants in OAU as well as those within close proximity to the school. But, getting local food to take your taste bud back home can be quite difficult for some reasons – especially hygiene. In terms of hygiene, I can guarantee these places. The peculiarity of each of these local food cafeterias aka ‘Mama Put’ is what makes a lot of students frequent these places. Below are such places to fuel your belly:


Iya Ila’ is located at the OAU’s central market. I have had experiences of lecturers sending me or some of my colleagues there to get local dishes for them. People have smeared their shirts all in a bid to cut a piece of meat. Following reviews from a student of this institution, this joint should be visited to get a taste of Abula (that is, Amala, ewedu and gbegiri soup) and all sorts of offal popularly called T’inu Eran by the Yoruba people in Nigeria. Though I have not eaten their pounded yam, testimonies have gone before them. Each time a friend of mine came back from there, she would say, “My stomach is full! I will just sleep now.”

“People talk a lot about her food. I can’t really say but I have gone there to eat before. I think Iya Ila has a way of cutting her ‘Ponmo’ which attracts people to her place,” were the words of Segun Alao, an erstwhile student of OAU. When asked about the price range of this canteen, he opined that “I can’t say the price is on the high side but it depends on the person buying it. Besides, you would still get something to eat with just 200 Naira.”


Located at the central market in OAU, she is popularly known for how she cooks her rice. Her Jollof and fried rice are top-notch bringing a feel of homeliness with a blend of ‘party rice’. The taste of the stew she serves with white rice is lovely. Her bread and beans or bread and yam; is perfecto! The quantity of food is another reason why students and staff go back to eat there.


According to Sanyaolu Olusegun popularly known as Segbyte (a current student of OAU), Iya Foluke is a place he likes to go to because of her ‘Iyán’ (meaning pounded yam).   She, just like Iya Ila, makes local dishes majorly. This cafeteria, though it has lower traffic compared to the first name mentioned, is peculiar for its Iyán. It is also located in the central market.


One of the reasons why people come to this particular local restaurant is the size of its meat. With a little amount of money, you are sure to get enough to eat. She sells local cuisines than she sells rice and beans. Also, she hardly gets to make pounded yam. Her stews and soups will make you almost bite off your fingers. However, this might be a problem for those that are obsessed with pounded yam. Her stall is at the central market too.


This restaurant got its name because of its area. It is located in the school’s banking area and it is behind Zenith Bank – which is very close to the cooperative hall. It is also close to ‘Academics ‘ – the area where all lecture rooms are. Here, you would enjoy different delicacies especially pounded yam and Egusi soup with cow meat or a nicely cut panla fish. You could also opt for their vegetable soup Efo riro. Then step it down with a chilled bottle of water or any soft drink.


A1 is in the new buka. New buka is where the exotic restaurants are. A1, however, unlike the others, sell local delicacies. It is a place you can go to if you are in the hostel area and do not want to walk all the way to the central market.


This one is located off-campus. I and my friends have had to take a bike or even trek miles to get to her joint. Their local dishes are very nice. They sell Eba, Amala, Semo and pounded yam from 1 pm to 6:30 in the evening. From 6:30, they sell delicious Jollof and Fried rice. Iya Ruka is well known for the aroma and tastes of its soups and stew. All you have to do is tell a bike man either from the campus gate or from Mayfair to take you to Iya Ruka.

In conclusion, there are other lovely food cafeterias you can stop by both on- and off-campus to get other types of dishes including the continental dishes. However, (permit me to say) eat what works for you. But if you want to consider trying out the local cafeteria, this would guide you perfectly.

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