6 Foods Every Nigerian University Student Can Relate With

Campus Life Survival

GARRI: This one has been saving the lives of Nigerians since university education began.
Some of them come to school every semester with at least half bag of garri to see them through the semester. Guys are more into the garri thing than girls.

NOODLES: Anyone who invented noodles totally had Nigerian students in mind. Hardly a day goes by without noodles in the belly of students.

BEANS: Nigerian students and beans are inseparable. Male students feel they love it
more than the girls but a trip to one of the female hostels will tell you otherwise. This is either eaten with bread, garri, yam or rice. Bread and garri is the most popular combination.

CONCOTION: RICE This refers to the kind of rice that can neither be classified as fried nor jollof. It is a combination of anything you can lay your hands upon just to arrive at something edible. This is student’s fast approach when there has been too much garri in the belly. I love concoction, sometimes it’s more delicious than all this fried rice and co.

BREAD: Nigerian student resort to bread both in good and bad times. It is like the holy grail of university life, sometimes they spice it up with butter, tea, groundnut or soft drink.

Source: https://www.nairaland.com

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