Rate your Lecturer – Prof. Okechukwu Onuchukwu of University of Port-Harcourt

Status: Professor
University: University of Port-Harcourt
Faculty: Faculty of Social Science
Dept: Department of Economics
Course: Econometrics

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Its 300 level and everyone has been given an orientation of difficulty about econometrics, senior colleagues called it “the must difficult course in economics”. The text book didn’t help because  it seem to have numbers only without words explaining them and of course alphabets called variables.

Prof. Okey came into the class and without doubt made the numbers to become figuratively flesh, dymystified the numbers and made the numbers and calculation look like a piece of cake,in hindsight it was heart warming to have a lecturer make numbers and calculation look easy.

  • Communicative - 9/10
  • Knowledgable - 9/10
  • Inspiring - 9/10
  • Integrity - 5/10
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