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The University of Lagos is a University of First choice. The school is one and the most pretigious schools in Nigeria. It’s located in the center of the Lagos metropolitan in Akoka yaba.
UNILAG has a vibrant social culture for any individual, with numerous social events, seminars, clubs and NGO’S. The social life is an experience of a lifetime. For the Nigerian standard, the school has good facilities, although the growing population of students in the school requires expansion and addition of facilities. I will score the hostels low, since the late 1980’s no new hostel has been built and the population has more than doubled, this has given rise to extensive squatting and congestion in the rooms and accommodation outside of school is expensive.  The security situation in the school has greatly improved thanks to the contribution of the former vice Chancellor Prof Rahaman bello, for dealing with cultism and gang violence. The school is relatively safe. Their are great restaurants in the schools with different cuisine, you can try out Salado restaurant the sell great salad there. Generally you would have a great time in UNILAG.

  • Facillities - 5/10
  • Security - 8/10
  • Social life - 9/10
  • Food - 7/10
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