9 types of lecturers you’ll find in Nigerian universities

Lecturer in class
If you've been to any university in Nigeria, chances are you would have come across these nine types of lecturers. As an undergraduate in a Nigerian university, you would have come across different lecturers charged with the responsibilities of shaping the lives of their students. In carrying out their responsibilities, these lecturers have different approaches to teachings, and each of them relates to their students in different ways. Based on the relationships of these lecturers wit...
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Should dress code be enforced in tertiary institutions to avoid rape and sexual harassment?

There is a saying that one should dress the way he would be addressed. But that seems to be a major issue in Nigerian campus as students crave for the freedom to dress the way they want without being addressed inappropriately. In some campuses, “Indecent” dressing has been linked to sexual harassment and there has been calls for dress codes in tertiary institutions. Some, in fact, especially private universities and University if Ilorin among others have applied dress codes to check what is t...
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