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Lifestyle, as a student in Lagos, is tedious and stressful most days. Balancing a lot of things with the school system in Lagos and Nigeria at large is more or less a full-time job. As a student, one is introduced to life and its ups, downs and circles. Students are trying to balance survival/fending for themselves, building great relationships, and taking care of their mental and physical health amongst other things.

I sat and spoke to Ochuko Esievo, a student of the University of Lagos about her Lifestyle as a student and how she copes and here is what she had to say;

“On a regular day, I am up by 5 am and read until 6/7 am. I get whatever I need to do done between then and 10 am because that’s when my classes/lectures start. Classes are at intervals in the day. I retire to my hostel, visit the library by 6 pm to get journals, and study until 10 pm with breaks in between as I want. And I go to bed to start it all over again the following day.”

“Commuting is not hard for me as I am lucky enough to live close to school. Whenever school and its excesses start to drain me, I just find time to rest or do things one might consider a waste of time. It could involve movies, sleep, music, playing games or just hanging out with my friends. I am not so much of an active social person, but when social events come up, I take my time. Most events are after classes anyway and whatever activity I plan on my own time.”

“School stresses you out most of the time so I find enough time to steady myself and get back in it. Only a few things excite me living as a student and they include my relationships with my friends and some particular courses I take. Courses you look forward to because the lecturer and lecture are always well taught and enjoyable”

Schooling in the country takes its toll on a person one way or the other but it is important to figure out yourself and make sure school does not go through you. Take out time to read books leisurely, take trips, see a movie, eat and sleep well, build strong communal relationships whether amongst classmates or roommates in the hostels. Try out new things and experience life fully even with all its mishaps. No one tells you how much school living prepares you for the outside but it does. Those little experiences here and there that are either uncomfortable or pleasant help to shape up your convictions and sets you up for life.

About Sholaye Esievo

Sholaye EsievoSholaye is a University of Benin graduate of International Studies and Diplomacy. She enjoys the communication space and has a passion for the media. She is currently a CIAPS Postgraduate Professional Student of Media and Journalism. Her articles at CIAPS have gotten great reviews. She will be heading the NGR Campus fashion and lifestyle desk.

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